The Association

The Association was founded from the need to preserve the historical record of Irish athletes in a permanent way and to encourage interest in this endeavour.

Objectives of the Association

    1. To preserve the athletics history of Ireland.
    2. To provide a means of collating available information (documents, visual images, memorabilia, statistics) and indentifying missing information.
    3. To act as a focus to stimulate interests in the history of athletics in Ireland.
    4. To provide means by which documentation relating to the history of athletics in Ireland may be made available to a wide section of the public and those seeking specfic information for scholarly or historical purposes.

Activities of the Association

      1. Preparation of a register of interested persons and their interests.
      2. Preparation of a register of sources of information on the history of athletics in Ireland (minute books, results, photographs, videos, films, articles, publications, books, programmes, letters, medals, etc.)
      3. Organisation of regular meetings of the Association to promote interest in and dissemination of information about the history of athletics in Ireland.
      4. Establishment of contacts with persons in foreign countires who are interested in the history of Irish athletics.
      5. Publication of catalogues of sources of historical information.
      6. Publication of a booklet annually recording for posterity, the presentations made at meetings of the Association and invited contributions.
      7. Identification of repositories to ensure the safe keeping and preservation of historical records of athletes in Ireland.

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